Teaching to Diverse Learners in the Math Classroom


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Free Exploratory Applets:

NCTM Illuminations        National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


Reflect            Rotate        Translate       Dilate    Welcome To Sketchpad Transformations

Pythagorean Theorem:

Squared Sides Applet    Pythagorean

Triangle Tesselation:

Sketchpad Triangle

Algebra Tiles:

algebra tiles.doc    ChipAdd.gsp

Fraction and Decimals:

Fraction Strips.doc    Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The Cookie Caper:

Cookie Correlation Caper    Cookie Survey    Cookies2010.ftm

Quadrilateral Sort:

 Quad shapes.doc

Flying  Gummy Bears:

Flying Gummy Bears   GummyBearPictures.doc

Tile Patterns:

Exploring Tile Patterns    Tile Pattern Card Sort

Pan Balance Activities:

Add/Subtract Balance Lesson    add and subtract balance worksheet.doc    add and subtract balance worksheet 2.doc

Balance Card Match Lesson   Expression Cards

Finding Unknown Values Lesson   Finding Unknowns worksheet.doc