Sketchpad  Summer Workshop 2003 Lesson Files:

John Sanfillipo:

Angles and Arcs.doc    angles and arcs.gsp

Jeff Aaron:


Kathie Rauch and Craig Morse:

BC Calculus - Area Inside a Polar Curve    PolarAreaTchr.doc   Polar Area.gsp

Cathy Herman and Ramona Hopkins:

Geometer's Sketchpad Lab on Measuring Segments Ch 1.doc    Locating the Midpoint of a Segment

Eric Johnson:

BridgeProblem.doc  Bridge Problem.gsp

Jack Adams and Tracy Diestelmeier:

f (x) to f(x) graphs.doc   f from f'.gsp    animated f' to f.gsp

Jennifer Tye:

Sketchpad - cubicsine curves.gsp    FINAL PROJECT.doc

Jodi Vignassi, Amy Read and Vicki Kieft:

linearexamples.gsp    absvalv2.gsp    cosgrphtut.gsp    cubictutorial.gsp   exponential.gsp    quadtutorial.gsp    singrphtut.gsp    tangentgrphtut.gsp

Joe Pomey and Joy Lacey:

Arc Project 2.doc   Arc Project 2.gsp

Nancy McIntyre, Karen Rinella, and Laura Snyder:

tri sq.doc   sq area.gsp   acute triangle.gsp

Sean Delahanty:

The Koch Snowflake.doc   ProjectPage.doc

Seema Delahanty, Roger Stricker, Maria Miller, and Amy Kaye:

CoverPage.doc   Exploring Linear Transformations.doc  linear transformations sketches.gsp

Jan O'Toole:

Absolute Value Graphs.doc   Absolute Value.gsp

Deborah Wiersema:


Bob Stephens:

Constructing Basic Trig Wave Tracers    sincostrace.gsp