Here is what teachers have to say about Dynamic Math Institute:


Kristen Clegg is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic workshop presenter.  She combines her classroom experience with her technology expertise to create a workshop environment that is productive, beneficial and fun.  What was particularly helpful was the opportunity to develop a lesson that combined what I had learned in the workshop with content I would teach.  I was able to collaborate with others to draw from their shared experience to leave the workshop with a lesson that was ready to be used in my classroom.

 Gwen Zimmermann

Adlai E. Stevenson High School



I rarely have learned so much in one week and had so much fun at the same time. Kristen Clegg grabbed my attention everyday with her energy, excellent activities and vast knowledge of both Geometerís Sketchpad and mathematics in general. Thanks again Kristen!


Sean Delahanty

Niles West High School



Kristen really makes the title "Dynamic Math" appropriate. She is stimulating and engaging and has wonderful ideas to share. In the workshop I not only learned about Fathom, but also about classroom activities and ways that students learn about statistics and functions. The discussion that she fostered among the participants was excellent and stimulated everyone's thinking!


Sue Brown

York High School


Unlike many other workshops I have attended, I have been able to make immediate use of the materials and ideas presented in the Dynamic Math workshop. My students are responding well to lessons that engage them in the learning process. I have also been able to pass these materials onto my colleagues who have been equally enthusiastic about lessons that are not lecture driven, yet are effective in helping students learn the concepts. It has changed the way I think about delivering information, and I have been able to develop a few activities of my own as a result of just redesigning my lessons so they are centered around engaged student work.

Terry Davis

Hersey High School


It was hands-on and work at your own pace. I really felt as though everyone gained something from the course no matter how little or how much prior experience they had with Sketchpad. The group project produced some great lessons for back to school. THANKS, Kristen!

Seema Delahanty

Niles West High School



I originally enrolled in the class for the credits but found the course was well worth my time. I produced a lesson I have already used in my Calculus class. I have also used Sketchpad to create diagrams and graphs for quizzes and worksheets. I was pleasantly surprised to find the class far exceeded my expectations, giving me a creative tool building classroom learning and instruction.


Craig Morse

Naperville North High School


Anonymous Comments From Summer Workshop Evaluations:

The best feature of this workshop was the structure: lecture, discussion, group work, completely hands-on, open time to explore and experiment. The leader was also excellent. Kristen is full of energy and knowledge!

I enjoyed every aspect of the workshop. I thought the slow learning curve was good. The amount of time given to each activity was excellent.

Outstanding workshop, definitely worth it.

I immediately saw how using this software will make me a more effective teacher.

The topics were things I will use in my classes. Very engaging lessons and lots of ideas. I learned a ton!

Excellent modeling of activity prior to independent practice Ė an instructional technique I will use. Very efficient.

After learning the basic techniques, each person could work on an area that was of interest to them. Kristen is a fantastic resource. Even though each person went in a different direction with his project, Kristen is so knowledgeable that she could help them all. Thanks, Kristen.

The week was far more enjoyable than I would ever have anticipated (being during the summer and all!)

This should be a required course for EVERY math educator.

This workshop far exceeded my expectations.

The best feature of this workshop was activities that can immediately be used in the classroom!

I would highly recommend Kristen to anyone interested in learning and having fun while doing it! Thanks!

Gave us many activities that can immediately be used in class. Very practical!

This course far exceeded my expectations. It was the best technology course I have taken.

Great teaching style.

Kristen demonstrated a task before setting us off to explore it further. She tutored and helped students during exploration. She paced the class well.

Kristenís positive attitude made everyone feel comfortable.

Kristenís command of material was outstanding and her ability to explain, so that prior knowledge was not a help or hindersome. Kristen was very approachable and willing to help and explain different techniques.

Kristen Clegg is a wonderful teacher full of energy and knowledge.

This is one of THE most beneficial courses directly related to my classroom/teaching!

This is the best tech course I have ever had. Kristen is extremely dynamic and effective in her presentation.

Kristen fed off all participants commentsÖStrong ability to model techniques necessary to implement this material with our students.

Please try to find other courses for this instructor to teach for graduate credit!

Kristen, you have such a terrific presence in the classroom. You have an excellent grasp of how to pace lessons: vary between modeling, explaining questioning, giving guided practice and allowing time for individual work. You are warm and encouraging. Thank you for making this course a great experience.

Kristen was extremely clear in her objectives and explanations. She also opened and closed each activity in an efficient way leading to optimum understanding and extension of the concepts/topics.

Excellent class! Very enjoyable! I have so much to take back to the classroom! Extremely well organized!

This is the best tech course I have ever taken.

Motivating, enthusiastic, helpful, knowledgeable. Kristen was awesome!

Activities that I can directly apply to my classroom were given. Exposure to new technologies was great. Instructor enthusiasm was outstanding. The seminar was awesome!

Kristen is very enthusiastic and has great ideas about getting students involved.

So many ideas and activities! Presenters are extremely knowledgeable and motivating.

One of the best features of this workshop was putting me in a "student" mode to think about how the student would intake the material.

Please offer more courses!

It was great. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to take their teaching to the next level.

Wow! Love the variety. Love the activities I got to take home. Love the hands-on. Love the website. Love the grad credit.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every workshop offered by Kristen and this one took the cake!