Glenbrook South Participants' Files

Aysha Shedbalkar and Julisa Ruiz:

MY_CIRCLE.gsp    /MY_CIRCLE_STUDENT.gsp    resources   

Barb Carson and Margaret Lucke:

As the Function Turns.gsp    As the Function Turns

Bethany Morton:

1 step eq.gsp   plot coordinates.gsp    solve eq example.gsp

Bob Nortillo:

Fractals.gsp    Tools.gsp    Photo.gsp    camera angle adjustable.gsp    Conics By Eccentricity.gsp    Pin The Center On The Triangle.gsp

Carrie Rosen:

Rotation Lab demo.gsp    RotationLabQuestions    Rotation Lab student form.gsp

Cathy Redig:

tessalation 2.gsp

Ellen Rohlwing:

CurriculumInsersertionSketchpad    Slope Project-House.gsp

Lea Hotton:

Exploring reflection .gsp    ExploringReflectionsWS

Minnie Brooks:

DAISY DESIGN.gsp    My plans for using the activity book:    TOOLS FOR GEOMETRIC SHAPES.gsp

Natalie Moscovitch and Jan Hasselbring:

ConicLessonKey     ConicLessonStudent    Conics.gsp   

Ryan Sutherlin:

size change.gsp    SizeChange      Triangle Sum 2.gsp

Scott Oliver:

general conics equations.gsp    spiral growth.gsp    taxicab conics.gsp    two cones and conics.gsp

Shannon Denna and Molly Giblin:

AbsoluteValueHW      Absolute Value Activity.gsp    AbsoluteValueActivity    horizontal integer slider lg circle.gsp    Is Sketchpad Better    Intro to Sketchpad Lab Activity Sheet    SketchpadIntroLesson    SketchpadParallelLesson    lines-parallelogram with arrows.gsp    number line.gsp    tick mark and circles.gsp    10 by 10 grid.rtf    10by10 dark.rtf    Angles Secant Secant.gsp    ParallelLines-Triangles-AnglesActivity    PictureThisModified      Sketchpad Tool bar Handout   

Sharon Mikula:

PHOTO MODEL.gsp    Picture This    Teacher Notes for Picture This.doc    TANGENT DEMO .gsp   TRANSVERSALS.gsp

Teresa Youngberg:

Sidesplitter.gsp    TrianglesParalelProp