Experiencing Mathematics  Summer Workshop 2003 Lesson Files:

Alisha Bhimji:

Alisha’s Bicycle Ride   Expo.doc    Linear.doc   Quad.doc    Experimenting With Relationships    Is It Linear, Exponential, or Quadratic    Key Ideas   Real-World Data For You

Karen Niwa:   

Chain Rule    Fundamental Theorem of Calculus    Integration Sort    Integration Sort    Investigating Rules of Differentiation1    Investigating Rules of Differentiation    Quotient Rule    

Kathy Young:

Linear Sketches    LINEAR.GSP    PolynomialSorting 

Kay Yereb:

System of equations card sort   Logarithms 

Kendra Letzel and Jen Shutte:

card sort 2   card sort 1   Factoring   logs    Parabola   RADICALS.DOC    radicals2.doc

Lana Wolf:

Factoring   polynomials    quadratic sketchpad.gsp    MP7.TMP

Mark Dobner:

Ellipse   ELLIPSE.GSP   HYPERBOLA.gsp    Parabola.gsp    StringActivityName 

Sharon Mallo, Carol Nenne, Peg Nolan:

PolarActivity   Polar Graphs.gsp

Terry Davis:

Honeycomb by radius.gsp   honeycomb by side.gsp    The Honeycomb.doc