Sketchpad Summer 2004 Lesson Files at Lemont H.S.

Brent Gagnon and KatieBraunschweig:

parabolalab.gsp    parabolalab.doc    absolute value.gsp    linear.gsp

Julie Sweet and Linda Korbus:

PARALLELOGRAM DISCOVERY    P-gram Discovery.gsp    americangothic.jpg    Old Guitarist Picasso.jpg    Red room Matisse.jpg    Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of Le Grande Jatte.jpg     Van Gogh Night Cafe.jpg     SKETCH THE SKETCHpad    arctool.gsp   Introduction to Geometers’ Sketchpad        

Brittany Falbo, Darshan Jain and Lucia Quevedo:

Alt-Hyp Thrms.gsp

Liz Moore:

arctools.gsp    Polar    polar.gsp    derivative.gsp

Katie Scholten:

Triangle Inequality    triangleinequality.gsp    acuteangles.gsp

Kathy Giles:

Acute-Right-Obtuse.doc    Acute-Right-Obtuse.gsp

Mary Kay Doorhy:

AddingPosAndNegNumbers.doc    IntroLines,Rays,Seg.doc