2005 Workshop Files

Tim McDonald:

School Data Project.ftm    The Top 50 High Schools in Illinois.doc

Lisa Baker and Georgia Tolias:

FuelEfficiency.ftm    FuelEfficiency.doc

Natalie Moscovitch and Andrew Roche:

Matching Absolute Value.ftm    matching absolute value.doc    Matching Assessment.ftm    matching assessment.doc    Matching Quadratics.ftm    matching quadratics.doc    Matching Square Roots.ftm    matching square roots.doc    transformation investigation 1.doc    Transformations Investigation 1.ftm

Eric Johnson:

diagonals.ftm   Pendulum.doc    pendulum.ftm

Bob Pinta:

DeckOfCards.ftm(2.0)    quickie_graphs.ftm (2.0)   Rubber_Band_exp.ftm(2.0)

Michael Blomarz:

House of Representatives.doc    United States Info.ftm

Mimi Kallwitz:

Intro to CI (a).ftm    Intro to CI (b).ftm    normal, t, chi-square.ftm

Tom Yates:

C&D.ftm    Natural Log and Oil.ftm    Slope of Line.ftm    smoking.ftm    Why does C=2(pi)r.ppt    Geometry.ftm