2005 Workshop Files

Barb Carson and Sharon Mallo:

linear function machine ws.doc    TI89 Distributive prop.doc    TI89 factoring 1.doc    A Collection of Activities  BC and SM.doc

Amanda McDonald and Jodi Martin:

Linear Equation Card Sort.doc    Musical Linear Equations.doc    Reading and interpreting graphs.doc    Slope Activity.doc

Colleen Gogerty, Natalie Moscovitch and Evie Raffanti:

ellipse.gsp    hyperbola.gsp    parabola.gsp    Parabola Guided Questions.doc

Alison McCarty:

Cubs stats.ftm    mean, median, and mode worksheet.doc    Runs Scored.ftm

Erin McLuckie:

baseball stats.ftm    Explore some data project.doc

Eric Johnson:

I Have[1]...Who Has....gsp    I Have[1]...Who Has....doc

Yvonne Andre-Roberts:

manipulate sine curves.gsp    Manipulate Sine curves Wkst.doc

Shannon Denna:

ExploreFractals-Students.gsp    ExploreFractals-Teachers.gsp    ExponentialFractals-LessonWriteup.doc

Jennifer Burkelt and Susan Wohlmuth:

card sort.doc    COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS IN ALGEBRA 1 AND 2.doc    Flashcards.doc    misconceptions worksheet.doc    quick quizzes.doc    termmania matching.doc    topic overview.doc    UNIT SEQUENCE.doc

Alisha Bhimji:

Sean Delahanty:

Intro. Solv. Lin. Eq. Alg. 10 Pan Balance Lesson Plan.doc    Pan Balance.doc

David Peterson:

Renee Haacker: