2012 Participants' Files


Ben Hartman:

5 base ten vocabulary.docx    5 fractions vocabulary.docx    5 Measurement and Data vocabulary.docx    5OA vocabulary.docx

Donna Breckenfelder:


Jessica Finocchio and Tom Poulopoulos:

4th grade common core activities and resources.docx    Piece It Together.docx

Jim DiPalemo:

NUMBER SENSE-Fractions1.docx

Lyn Ellis and Kim Orellana:

Fifth Grade curriculum Quarter 1.docx    5th Math Curriculum Quarter 2 (1).docx    5th Grade Curriculum Map Quarter 3.docx

Cathy Henry and Mary Ann Kodama:

Standards for MathPrac (1).pdf

Tayce Santy, Jill Jacobsen and Scott Harstein:

2nd Grade Websites.docx   Guided Math Activities.docx

Tim Shernak:

CC Math-Geometry UBD.doc    CC Math-Measurement & Data UBD.doc    CC Math-Numbers & Operations Base Ten UBD.doc    CC Math-Numbers & Operations Fractions UBD.doc    CC Math-Operations & Algebraic Thinking UBD.doc