2010 Participants' Files


Max Schoenberg:

1st and 2nd derivative.gsp    Chain Rule.gsp    derivatives of inverses.gsp    dual rates.gsp   

net change FTC.gsp    piecewise function.gsp

John Forsythe

Slope of Cosine.gsp    Slope of Sine.gsp    Slope of Tangent.gsp    Slope of x cubed.gsp   

Slope of x squared.gsp    Slope of x^4.gsp    Slope of x^5.gsp    Slopes Functions GSP.docx

Marianne Kerr:

2 Buildings.gsp    2 ships.gsp    ambiguous case.gsp    inscribed hexagon.gsp    inscribed square.gsp

Kathy Allemana:

3-D Objects Lesson.pdf    3-D Project.gsp    Sketchpad Resources.docx

Abbey Green and Kelly Holton:

Kelly and Abbey.gsp    Loci.gsp