2010 Participants' Files

Elizabeth Ott:

diagonals.ftm    diagonals_completed.ftm    IntAngleSumDemo.gsp    One Exterior Angle.ftm    One Interior Angle.ftm    OneExteriorAngle_completed.ftm    OneInteriorAnglecompleted.ftm    Sum of Interior Angles.ftm    SumofInteriorAnglescomplete.ftm    Using Fathom to Connect Geometry and Algebra with Polygons.docx

Elliot Coffey:

5 Card Draw Multiple Players.ftm    5 Draw For Analysis.ftm    52 Card Experiment.ftm    Cards 9 Player Holdem Generator.ftm    Similarity Relationships Lesson.docx    Similarity Relationships.ftm    Similarity Sketch.gsp    Virtual Cookie Jar.ftm    Virtual Dice Rolling.ftm

John Forsythe:

 12 in Roll.ftm    20 in roll.ftm    A Box Problem.docx    Max Volume.ftm    MLB Salaries with graphs.ftm    MLB Salaries.ftm    Random 20 by 12 with graphs.ftm    Random 20 by 12.ftm

LeaAnne Hotton:

 Cone problem.ftm    cone, studet file.ftm    perim.SA.Vol.ftm    Squishing a Cone.docx

Kathy Coskey:

b-day teacher notes.ftm    Olympics data.ftm    Outline for Adv Algebra use of fathom.docx    pennies lab NEW    teacher pennies lab.ftm    variation starter.ftm

Kim Johnson:

Challenger Space Shuttle.docx    Challenger.ftm

Kurt Vonnahme:

Binomial Probability    Binomial Probability.ftm    Monty Hall Problem.ftm

Marianne Kerr:

cubic function with formulas.ftm    cubic with sliders 2.ftm    cubics with sliders.ftm    making an open box.ftm   Teacher Notes for Fathom Project.docx

Max Schoenberg:

Catch the Train (Geometric Probability).ftm    Empirical Rule simulation.ftm    Monte Carlo 1 (area under polynomial).ftm    Monte Carlo 2 (area of an ellipse).ftm    Voting Poll (Confidence and Inference).ftm

 Teresa Youngberg:

 A Historical Population Perspective.docx    Verhulst.ftm