2010 Participants' Files

Chris Rosenthal:

Series.docx    Series.ggb    Series.html

Elizabeth Ott:

allproofs.pdf    angles and arcs.gsp    Body Graphing.docx    Body Loci.docx    Circle Challenge    Comparing Volume Investigation.pdf    HumanConic-AS-Circle.pdf    Incorporating MI.docx    Orange you glad.pdf    Resources.docx    TriIneq-AS-Inequality.pdf    TriIneq-AS-SidesAngles.pdf    Visual-AS-DirReas.pdf

Elliot Coffey:

Bday Transformations.gsp    Blank Sheets     blankstaffpaper     blankstaffpaper2    Exploring length area p.docx    Exploring Similarity Introduction.docx    Exploring Similarity Sketch.gsp    Organizing Desk Exploration.xlsx    Sample of Scavenger.gsp    HappyBirthdaySong    HappyBirthdaySongNoWords

John Forsythe:

Conic Sections Unit.docx    Ellipse.gsp    Hyperbola.gsp    Parabola.gsp

Phil Gartner:

Going Off on a Tangent.docx    Tangents.gsp

Max Schoenberg:

Saving and Spending Simulation.docx