2009 Diverse Learners Files


Mark Gallagher:

Variations.project 7-2009.docx

Lea Hotton and Marianne Kerr:

Come and take a ride on the Flea Circus Ferris Wheel.docx    FerrisWheelHW.docx    Teacher notes for Ferris Wheel lesson.docx

MaryPat Anderson:

Geometric Mean 09.gsp

Ken Kerr:

Angle From Wikipedia.doc    angle measure.gsp    angledefmatch    anglemeasure    anglemerge   anglesort.gsp

Renee Haacker:

card sort simplifying expressions    CH 1 Card Sort    CH 2 KNOW.docx    Renee Haacker.docx    1-2 Paraphrasing   Operations with Real Numbers   Order of Operations   Paraphrasing 1-1   Paraphrasing 1-4   Paraphrasing Real Numbers.doc

Sheri Hankes:

go fish.docx    I have….docx

Sarah Scott:

Conics Sorting Cards.doc