2008 Diverse Learners Workshop Files

Kathy Coskey and Scott Greenspan:

quadratic review equations.doc    quadratic review graphs.doc    Quadratics Review Activity

Lisa Malek and Cathy Alland:

Algebra Balance lesson plan     I have who has cards    I have who has

Nina Maita and Jenny Navickas:

Matheketball Geometric Sequence Key    Matheketball Geometric Sequence    Sequences Card Sort

Teresa Youngberg, Matt Sokolowski, Carrie Rosen and Nevin VanRoeyen:

Investigating Quadrilaterals Name    isostrap.gsp    kite.gsp    parallelogram.gsp    quads.doc    rectangle.gsp    rhombus.gsp    square.gsp    trapezoid.gsp    Understanding the Properties of Quadrilaterals Teacher Document

Tom Gibbons and Liz Waller:

Ball Toss   BallToss.gsp

Christopher Murphy:

Curriculum Guide with Applet Resources.xls

Thomas Jacobsen:

Probability Activity.doc

Kate Hoopes: