2004 Fathom Workshop Participants Files

Cheryl Ballenger:

Baseball SalariesLesson.doc    BaseballSalary[1].ftm

Darshan Jain, LouAnn Tollefson, and Cheryl Kessler:

Exploring Sample Size (Number of Trials) and Results of Tossing a Coin    CoinTossProjectFINAL.ftm

Dawn Majcen:

DISCOVERY NOTES ON TRANSFORMATIONS    fathom demo page.ftm    OBSERVATION SHEET    Transformation Notes

Jenny Kiaschko:

Kerrie Lynch:

mcdonalds.ftm    McDonald's Activity Sheet


Mark Smith:


Lynn Bond and Peggy Tibbitt:

RulesMeansVariances.ftm    RulesMeanVariancesScreenShots.doc

Tim Dohr:

Linear Regression     smoking.ftm    smokingdatalsr.ftm

Pat Bowler Johnson:

Action Research    action research.ftm    action research with switch.ftm    Chicago Sanitary District.ftm    Chicago Sanitary District with graphs.ftm    csd

Ardis Geighes and Vanessa Liveris:

You are HOW tall and HOW wide

Elizabeth Jensen:

IllinoisSATScores.ftm   SATworksheet.doc

Bob Barber:

Famous Home Run Hitters.ftm

Gordie Tebo: